The Cleona Campmeeting is a ministry of the United Christian Church. It is held each year during the week that begins with the second Monday in August. Many people look forward to this week as a time when they can fellowship in the company of friends, old and new; enjoy the delicious food prepared at mealtime, and most importantly feast on God's Word spoken during the many messages shared in the Tabernacle.


  • A Growing Church

  • Anchored in God's Word

  • Laboring for Christ


  • Worship God

  • Preach the Gospel to all the World

  • Edify Believers

  • Minister to the Needs of Society

Core Values

  • Christ is the Head of the Church

  • The Bible is the Final Authority

  • Worship is Essential

  • Christ-like Compassion for All

The Spiritual Direction of the Campmeeting

All Worship, Preaching, and Evangelistic services hosted by the Cleona Campmeeting falls under the leadership of the Presiding Elder of the United Christian Church

Rev. David Ludwig

H: 717-838-8769 C: 717-279-1107